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Visa Information

Visa-Exempt Entry

Suitable Applicants Stay for 90 days (Total 42 countries)
Austria, Andorra, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, U.K., U.S.A. and Vatican City State.
Stay up to 30 days (Total 8 countries)
  1. Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore
  2. The nationals of India, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, who also possess a valid visa or permanent resident certificate issued by U.S.A., Canada, Japan, U.K., Schengen Convention countries, Australia or New Zealand.
  1. A passport with validity of at least six months upon entry .
    • Visa-exempt entry only applies to foreign visitors holding formal passports (i.e. ordinary, official/service and diplomatic passports), not including those holding emergency, temporary, other informal passports or travel documents.
    • Japanese passport holders with their passports valid for more than 3 months are eligible for visa-exempt entry.
    • US passport (including emergency passport) holders with their passports valid for the period of intended stay are eligible for visa-exempt entry.
  2. A confirmed return air/sea ticket or an air/sea ticket and a visa for the next destination, and a confirmed seat reservation for departure.
  3. Non-criminal record and not prohibited by the local authorities to enter the R.O.C.
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Visa Required

Landing Visa
Suitable Applicants
  1. Holders of Bruneian passport with validity of more than six months.
  2. Holders of Turkish passport with validity of more than six months.
  3. Holders of Macedonian passport with validity of more than six months.
  4. Holders of emergency or temporary passports with validity of more than six months for nationals of those countries (execpt for US) eligible for visa-exempt entry.
  1. A confirmed return air/sea ticket or an air/sea ticket and a visa for the next destination, and a confirmed seat reservation for departure.
  2. Fill out an application form with two photos.
  3. Visa fee of NT$ 1,600 (citizens of the countries with reciprocal agreements shall be issued visas gratis) plus a handling fee of NT$ 800; For Turkish citizens: shall only be charged a handling fee of NT$800.
  4. No criminal record or not prohibited by the local authorities.
Visitor Visa
Suitable Applicants
Countries except VISA-EXEMPT & Designated Countries.
  1. A passport valid for at least six months;
  2. A duly completed application form with two photos taken within the past six months
  3. An outbound airline ticket or verifiable proof of purchase of steamship ticket
  4. Documents verifying the purpose of visit
  5. Other relevant documents
Designated Countries Applying for Visitor Visa
Suitable Applicants (Total 21 countries)
Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma/Myanmar, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cuba, Ghana, India (Identity Certificate), Iran, Iraq, Laos, Nepal, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Senegal, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Syria
  1. A duly completed visa
  2. Application form signed by the each applicant.
  3. A passport valid for at least SIX months with blank page(s).
  4. Two 2”×2” color photos with a plain color background (white color recommended) taken within the last six months.
  5. Invitation letter from the congress.
  6. Conference Agenda (as attached).
  7. Travel to the consulate for personal interview in person. (Interview is necessary for all Taiwan visa application)
Visa for Chinese Passport Holders
Suitable Applicants
Citizens of the Mainland Area who is the person in charge or manager of the transnational corporation, or engaged in specialized or technical services for over one year may apply entering into Taiwan due to internal transfer within the transnational corporation.
(one original copy and two additional copies of the application information)
  1. Entry Permit Application Form; a recent, colored, 2-inch “standard size” photo is to be attached to the form.
  2. Guarantee Statement.
  3. Resident I.D. of the Mainland Area, other documentation or copy able to identify the identity of the applicant.
  4. Project Plan.
  5. Applicants who comply to all of the required documentations by the inviting unit and have submitted the basic information of the inviting unit may within the past year skip documentation submission.
  6. Name list of the group (the name list is required for a group having two or more persons).
  7. Document supporting the employment record and other related verifying documents
  8. The processing fee for single and renewable entry permits is NTD 600; the processing fee for multiple entry permits with a 2-year (or less) and 3-year validity are NTD 1,000 and NTD 2,000, respectively, included with a pre-paid registered envelope written with the name and address of the receiver (envelope not required if documentations will be retrieved in person; please notify whether applying for a renewable or multiple entry permit within the column).