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The Gastroenterological Society of Taiwan was founded officially in Taipei on 15th March, 1970 by Professor Juei-Low Sung. The current president is Professor Jaw-Town Lin. Over the past 42 years, GEST has grown from a small group of practicing Gastroenterologists to a large organization with 1,664 members. The members...( more )

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  • Faneotrics 2018

    Post date: 2018/03/21

    Dear Gastroenterological Society of Taiwan,

    Greeting from Faneotrics 2018!!!

    We would like to welcome you to collaborate with us for our upcoming conference “28th World Neonatal, Pediatrics and Family Medicine Conference which is organized by ME Conferences, featuring the agenda of “Leading Medications and Essential Care for Neonates”, going to be heldat the beautiful place Abu Dhabi, UAE during September 27-29, 2018.

     Faneotrics 2018 is providing a stage for young researchers, general practioners and experts to share their ideas and latest developments in the field of Pediatrics.

    Website details:

    We would be happy to share your vision to enhance the quality of primary care, training young Researchers to promote researches in gastroenterology and hepatology related fields and work through our conference.

    It would be delightful for us to have your opinion at the earliest possible regarding the same as your involvement would surely help to gather us speakers from all corners and make this event more sucessful.

    If you need any further details, please contact us:

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